Foreign Student Homestay


Foreign Student Homestay guests get to share meals, stories, and experiences with their host families. You will be able to learn more about San Diego firsthand and see the world through the eyes of locals. Engage in local customs and traditions firsthand and visit various places of interest such as the Grand Canyon or La Jolla Cove. For those of you who are not native speakers of English, you will also get to work on your language skills, too! What better way to practice than by speaking it every day with your host family.

We provide homestay opportunities for both short and long-term stays in San Diego, California. You have the choice to stay with different hosts, such as traditional families, married childless couples, single parents or single individuals. All our guests can enjoy the following perks:
​​You can get all that along with the assistance and guidance of your host family. Unlike cliche hotels, this is truly home away from home. Connect with a great host family today by filling up our quick homestay application form. Rest assured that all our homestays follow strict standards and requirements so you will be safe, secure and comfortable.
  • A private furnished room.
  • Linens and towels.
  • A safe environment that suits each guest's unique needs.
  • Foreign Student Homestay provides homes for short, as well as long-term stays in San Diego.
  • Foreign Student Homestay families encourage students while they learn the English language.
  • Foreign Student Homestay has housing available with
  • Traditional families, a married couple without children, a single parent, or single person.
  • Foreign Student Homestay's short and long-term rates include the following:
  • Access to on-site laundry facilities or nearest off-site facilities.
  • Two meals per day (Breakfast & Dinner).
  • Peace of mind knowing your son or daughter is staying in a safe environment that suits their needs.
  • Foreign Student Homestay's host families provide bus schedules (if necessary).

"Here, you can have memories you will not be able to make at any ordinary boarding house, apartment or hotel. Experience the beauty of San Diego, California with our comfortable homestays."
We truly enjoy making people happy with the good experiences they have in San Diego. Let Foreign Student Homestay connect you with a wonderful host family! You can contact us via our business email address [email protected] If you have any inquiries, give us a call at our business phone number (619) 851-1675. Find us at 3757 Ashford Street in San Diego, California.